03 July, 2011

Subways, Everland, Home in Korea...

Veggies Underground,  Lettuce and more growing in the subway~ 
 A little breath  of fresh air,underground

Ruby in her dress Grammy Lamby made

A HUGE Locust a stranger gave to Elias

Elias is proud of his new pet, but the Ogimons didn't want to touch it...
I don't blame them.

His name is Fred the Fly.  Yes, it  is alive.
It was a challenge to convince Elias  NOT to bring it  inside our apartment.
We made him a little house outside with some food.

Riding the Subway with our friends

Friday night ride,  Standing Room Only!

Ruby loves the Subway here, I think it is because people dote on her every
time we ride.. She now expects strangers to give her candy.
We will have to do some re-training back in the USA.

Isabella entertaining Ruby

Our temporary residence in Korea

Elias took pictures at home~


Great 3-D production...Ruby loves wearing glasses.

After a long day of fun Ruby enjoys a game of Peek-A-Boo~  Her favorite.

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