07 March, 2011

Flying February~

Wow!  Did February ever fly by this year!?   We had a terrific month, most of it spent out west in Idaho and Utah.

Ruby is Sassy and so Fun!  I love this child more than words can say.  Her favorite game is Peek-a-Boo.

Ruby had her hair braided again by Nette.

I pulled Elias out of preschool after Christmas.  We are doing  some fun activities at home and I LOVE having him home more.  Is there anything that brings me more satisfaction than teaching my students to read?  ...Teaching my son to read.

My kids love my Dad.  Ruby's favorite person in Idaho is hands down Grandpa Cory.

We had a great visit with Nana-Bug this month! She loves the kids and we love her! She is so kind to us all.

Elias announced to his friends at church on Sunday~
"I have a  birth mom!"
  We had a very touching experience spending an afternoon with Alex and her kids.  Elias is loved by so many people. Alex, can I ever thank you enough for the gift you gave me of becoming a mother?  I love you.
 I feel so privileged to have Elias for a son.  I pray every day that I can help him reach his highest potential.  

Annika, Ashton and Elias, Happy kids!

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