24 December, 2010

     Castle’s Top 10 in 2010  
10.  Ten, Eric and I are going on a decade of marriage this year.

9. Nine boy scouts in Eric’s troop…ever the scoutmaster.

8. Eight hens a laying:  We love our chickens. Pocahontas, SoJourner Truth, Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, Sacajewia (RIP), Rachel Carson, Wilma Rudolph, Majora Carter

7.  Seventh heaven~ It was a dream come true to see our foster son Juan reunited with his family.  We are so happy for them.  It was great spending time together in Mexico.

6. Six-teen year old Cat Noah, coolest cat ever RIP old man.

5.  Five weeks in South Korea.  Eric enjoyed teaching in Korea.  We discovered a new love~ Korean Food! Delish.

4. Four year old boy that is full of wonderment and delight.  This season has been truly magical with Elias.

3. Three years here in Crookston, Minnesota.  We love it.

2. Two great foster kids Janae (18) and Rachel (12)

1.  One precious baby girl ~ Ruby Catherine.  We were very blessed to adopt Ruby in January.  Now nearly one year old, she is absolutely delightful.  We enjoy every moment we have with her. 
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