18 November, 2010

Too Many Kids in the Tub~

Too many kids in the tub, too many elbows to rub.
 I just washed a behind I am sure wasn't mine.
Too many kids in the tub.
What can I say?  The child is obsessed with peas...mostly Whirrled Peas.
Taken first thing in the morning November 17...
exactly 10 months old today! I love my little wrinkle nose girl!.
She brightens our lives everyday!

Elias and Papa carved pumpkins...and roasted the seeds.
 The seeds turned out good this year.

My birthday cake was the Edmund Fitzgerlad this year, and it was delicious.
My yoga class surprised me with a cake and flowers.  Elias loved the cake!
Wait.  Who's birthday was it?  Yes, mine.
Wendy made me a wonderful birthday dinner of smoked salmon,
spinach dip and lots of veggies and yes, more cake.

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