23 August, 2010

Mexicali Blues No Longer!

We were thrilled to visit our foster son Juan and his sweet family in Mexicali, Mexico.  We are so happy for  his family and their reunification (thank you Rachel).

Juan and Elias were delighted to see each other after 2 long years
Veronica, Juan, Luis Elias, Heidi and Eric
Luis,  Ferny, Juan and Veronica,  I love this sweet family.

"It's Hockey mom, just on the grass".    You can take the boy out of Minnesota, but can you take Minnesota out of the boy?
And apparently the pond is the goal... Papa and Elias fishing for the "puck".
Disneyland was funtastic!
Brother Bear is our favorite!

Ruby Catherine is 7 months old!  And more fun every minute.
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