20 April, 2008

Our Last Weeks in Kansas

We will miss Kansas so much. It is definitely with a little pain and emotion that we leave our friends, neighborhood, and home behind. The hardest part by far is not being able to take Juan with us to Minnesota. He is a part of our family. We love him so much. He will go to another family here in Manhattan, KS until he can be reunited with his family in Mexico. Juan is an absolutely delightful boy. He makes me laugh everyday. He is getting so good with the Violin.

Juan's Mom is great. She sends him the sweetest cards and letters.
She is so pleased with his schooling and ability to speak English. We love Veronica very much. Juan looks forward to going to live with her again. We hope it will be soon.
Juan plans to come back to the US to attend College. He said he wants to go "where Eric teaches". We will continue to know and love Juan. We even hope to see him and his family in Mexico. We Love you so much Juan!!

My dear friend and mentor Dr. Dee McKee is another one who will be greatly missed. Although I will still be working on her campaign from Minnesota, we won't be able to have our noon tea on Saturdays. I am sure I will still be calling her regularly with questions about life... : )
I love the twinkle in Elias's eye when he watches Juan.
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