04 February, 2008

Grocery Store Drama....

Elias refused to eat breakfast this morning... Sometimes all a parent can do is offer the food.
So off we go to the grocery store...happy as a clam.

Until we get to the cereal isle that is... He calmly got out of his stroller, selected some cheerios (we already had at home FYI) and attempted to open the box. I told him no and the tears, crying, and screaming began.

I shop at a little Ma and Pop type store- the employees know me and Elias well. The manager, Yung, felt so bad that she went and bought him cereal and milk.
So today Elias learned...When I scream and cry and make a scene in public- I get exactly what I want. Lovely. (Very kind effort on Yung's part tho)

We made cookies last night. The boys insisted on wearing aprons like me.
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