03 September, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Elias and I made it back to Kansas after a long day of travel yesterday. Traveling with a 17 month old is definitely an experience to be had.
Our flight was delayed in SLC so we had some extra time to play at the airport. I wanted Elias to get some running around time before he had to be contained on the flight. So, despite my sore (very sore) legs we played chase. He was making a straight B-line down the main hallway- bypassing all the stores and gates. So it caught me quite off guard when he darted into the Mens room. Oops. He was fully in the bathroom by the time I caught him. Its Labor Day weekend- the airport is packed and I am running around urinals trying to catch the pipsqueek.
He keeps life interesting.
We Idahoans (mainly me and Larry C.) pride ourselves in appropriate airport restroom behavior. I hope I don't get arrested.
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